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Cabbage Spring Rolls

Cabbage Spring Rolls are a tasty variety in your diet; they fit right into a Keto diet; no carbs involved! As with other recipes, exercise your freedom and dare to vary!

In a keto diet, one tries to reduce the intake of carbohydrates. So no - or limited amounts of - pasta, rice, dough; but that does not mean you cannot be inventive and skip on lasagna or spring rolls. 

In this recipe, I use Napa Cabbage (for some reason, in the Netherlands addressed as Chinese cabbage). This cabbage has a tender taste and large leaves. The trick is to get the leaves off whole and to make them flexible, so you can wrap something inside them.

In order to do this, bring a pan of salted water to a boil. First, put the plump end of the cabbage in and let sit for a few minutes. Then put the cabbage sideways, and rotate once in a while. After three minutes or so, take out, and carefully peel off the outer 4 or 5 leaves.

Return the cabbage to the water, rotating a few more times, take the cabbage out of the water and remove the next few leaves. Repeat until done.

The Filling

This time, I used two classic oriental ingredients as protein: minced pork and chopped-up shrimp. Add some bean sprouts, slices of chilli to taste, finely sliced scallions and maybe some black bean garlic sauce. Mix well, forming small balls of the mixture.

Stuffing the Leaves

Starting with the largest leaves, spread them flat on a working surface, place one ball of stuffing near the widest end of the leaf, and tuck in the ball, rolling until the thinnest part of the leaf is wrapped all around your little parcel.

Cooking the Spring Rolls

You can cook the spring rolls directly in the oven; but personally I prefer to fry them first in a skillet with some vegetable oil to give the leaves some color and crunch, then put them into an oven-proof bowl and cook until done (remember, the pork should be cooked well).

Cabbage Spring Rolls in a skillet


This is a great side dish (could be a main course as well). Serve some sweet chilli sauce and some oyster sauce on the side. Enjoy!