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Homemade Spring Rolls

Freshly made Spring Rolls are a great appetizer or small lunch - or even a snack in between.

Initially it might get a little messy, but the reward is great and your guests will be impressed.

Technically, this are neither Egg Rolls nor Spring Rolls. They both have a flour-based wrapper. This variety is lighter. This recipe imitates Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls.

So what goes into a roll? 

I prefer some or more of these ingredients:

  • Thin strips of bell pepper.
  • Thin slices of red pepper.
  • Thin slices of spring onion.
  • Thinly sliced green string beans. Slice almost lengthwise.
  • Thinly sliced carrots (use a Julienne slicer if you have one) .
  • Bean sprouts.
  • Thinly sliced strips of omelet.
  • Thin slices of a chili pepper, to taste.

Blanche the carrots and beans after slicing by adding them to a pot of boiling water. After two minutes, take them out and put them in a bowl with cold water to prevent the vegetables from cooking any further. 

For the omelet, whisk two eggs, season with some freshly ground pepper and pour out thinly in a skillet greased with some vegetable oil (or sesame oil, if you prefer). Cook for two to minutes, then start rolling the omelet in the pan.

Turn the heat of, leave the omelet in the skillet for another minute or so to fully set.

Take the rolled omelet out and slice thinly. Now all ingredients have been prepped.

Here comes the tough part if you, just as I do, prefer to work with rice paper.

Rice paper contains rice flour and tapioca flour. A sheet of rice paper is fairly thin and very fragile. Soak one sheet at the time for a few seconds. Put the sheet on a non-stick surface, take a handful of the mixed prepped ingredients. Follow the folding instructions in the illustration below.

Then, use some vegetable oil and brush the roll. Now comes the hard part. The roll will get stickier and stickier, the longer it is at room temperature. I use a non-stick silicone mat with good results, but not everybody may have one.

This version of rolls is not only light because the wrapper is very light, but also because these rolls can be baked in the oven. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Place the tray with the rolls in the vertical center of the oven. Bake until the roll is crisp and slightly browned. 

Serve with your favorite sauces. Mine are sweet chili sauce and Oyster sauce. Enjoy!