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Parsnip Chips

These parsnip chips are a good substitute for potato chips. And they are so easy to make!

Preparing these chips in an air fryer will keep the amount of fat down and make this a healthy snack.

Parsnip can be a good alternative for potato. And, according to some sources, parsnip has a lower carbohydrate content, although this may differ geographically. Generally parsnip chips will absorb a little less fat than potatoes when frying. 

The preparation below could also be used for potatoes. 

First of all, peel the parsnip. Then slice the parsnip into very thin slices. I use a mandolin with the narrowest blade inserted.

Now you can deep-fry the chips and season afterwards, or, if you are fortunate enough to have an air fryer, follow these steps:

  • In a bowl, drizzle the chips with a little oil; mix until each chip has a thin coat of oil.
  • Ground a good amount of black pepper and mix again. You could also season with smoked paprika or any other spice that may be your favorite.
  • Place in air fryer and cook for about 12 minutes at about 180° Celsius (360° Fahrenheit).

The outcome depends on many factors: the thickness of the slices is an important one. Make sure you do not make your batches to big, so the air can flow freely inside and the chips can brown evenly.