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Roasted and Pickled Chioggia Beetroot

Roasted and Pickled Chioggia Beetroot, sometimes called Candy Stripe Beetroot, is a great side dish that does not only taste good, but looks great too.

Beetroot is really an underappreciated vegetable. But here is a recipe to make you reconsider!

The Chioggia beetroot is known for its vibrant colors (red, yellow, white). They are named for the Italian city of Chioggia in the Veneto area near Venice. Chioggia is sometimes called "Little Venice", with people claiming it has the beauty of Venice without the crowds.

The secret to prepare beetroot is that you want to maintain as much of its rich color as possible. So do not peel the beetroot before boiling or roasting.

I had bought some nice, small Chioggia beetroot at the Saturday vegetable market in Rotterdam. As I am lucky enough to own an air fryer, I decided to see if I could fix them that way (using less energy than roasting in a big oven).


In order to keep as much liquid and flavor inside the beetroot as possible, massage the vegetable with a little bit of olive oil. Season with some freshly ground black pepper and roast at 180" Celsius (nearly 360" Fahrenheit) for 30 minutes or so (roasting time depends on the size of the individual beetroot). You can test the doneness by taking a skewer and trying to reach the center of the beetroot. This show go relatively easy - but beware to overcook.

Let the beetroot cool down, remove the skin (you may want to use gloves here) and slice into the thinnest slices possible (if you own a mandolin) or dice into cubes.

Now mix some vinegar and sugar (or replace with a sweetener) until you find a nice balance. Season with some black pepper and salt and marinate the beetroot in the liquid for at least half an hour but not much longer, as the colors will run together and into the marinade. Serve as a fresh, summery side dish.

Want to make it into a full salad? Chop chives and crumble Feta cheese over it. Drizzle with olive oil.