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Salmon from the Oven

Salmon is a very versatile fish. From whole salmon sides to individually portioned steaks, there are so many ways to enjoy it. These salmon fillets are covered with a mix of nuts and herbs for extra flavor.

One of the dangers of cooking salmon (in any preparation) is overcooking the fish; as a result, you may end up with dry fish. This is particularly true with smaller cuts. 

With or without skin

I prefer salmon fillets with the skin on. Just below the skin is a nice layer of fat that will give off a fantastic smell and taste if cooked properly.

Two steps

Take your fillets out of the fridge half an hour before cooking, making sure the fish is at room temperature. This will help cooking the fish more evenly. The first stap is to briefly fry the fillets skin-down in a skillet. Make sure the skillet is searing hot. Lightly pepper the skin side and fry for one and a half to two minutes.

On the side of the fillets, you will see the color of the meat change from bright pink to a lighter color. Once you see that change happening over the bottom 3-5 millimeters (roughly an eight to a quarter of an inch) take the fillets out. The skins should be slightly crispy now.

In the second step, we will put the fillets under the hot grill in the oven. But not before we have coated them with a mixture of chopped nuts (to give some nice texture), parsley, lemon zest and (secret ingredient) grated Parmesan cheese. Additional ingredients for the coating could be chopped capers, and finely chopped anchovies. Pour or spray some olive oil on top

After a few minutes, test the cuisson of the fish. Take the tray out and gently press on the fillet. The structure should be a little firmer but not too firm. The crumble on the top should be getting some color and crisp.

Serve with your favorite vegetables.