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Vegan Ceviche

Ceviche is a South-American preparation of fresh fish. This is a take on that, using vegan salmon substitute.

Ceviche is a South-American preparation of fresh fish, without applying any heat. Thin slices (or in this case, small cubes) of fish are marinated in an acidic fluid, such as lemon juice or lime juice. It is often flavored with onion or chilli.

This particular recipe is vegan because we are not using fish but nosalmon sashimi. This is a soy based salmon look-alike, as you can see in the picture below. I get mine frozen from my local vegan store.

Look-alike salmon

For this appetizer, I diced some of this nosalmon salmon, stirred it through some lime juice, and added both wasabi mayonnaise and pickled ginger (the kind you would serve with sashimi).

Although the taste may not quite be like real salmon, optically it approaches it and the mind will do the rest. Enjoy!